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DORTMUND - Episode 1 : Creations

11 Mar 2024

🤔 Which fabric to use for a project?

This is often the question you can ask yourself when you want to make a garment or an accessory! And for good reason, the choice of fabric will give all its character to the product made! Discover our new series of videos presenting our qualities!

We start right away with Dortmund, a 100% Cotton Drill ideal for making your accessories and decorative items.


🧵 In this first episode of 6 videos, I will show you the designing of the pattern that will be printed to make a tote bag! My inspiration: citrus fruits and their good vibes.

Once sent to the Microfactory, the pattern comes to life! It is printed on our machines with the expertise of our teams. From drawing to fabric, don’t wait any longer! Creative, whether you are young designers, professionals or individuals… Express your creativity, trust us with your designs and see them come to life!

We print: your patterns repeated and your patterns placed. You can also print several patterns on 2m (minimum order quantity). For more details, contact us!

Stay tuned for the 2nd episode: the choice of the material. Now, it’s your turn!

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