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DORTMUND - Episode 4: The Microfactory

20 Mar 2024


Located in Alsace since 2013, the Microfactory stands out with its team dedicated to printing your fabrics! Our different machines and our know-how allow us to print any type of fabric: sublimation printing, pigment, inkjet...

At Printcubator, you can print 2 to 200 m of fabric.

Our fabrics are waiting for you to adorn themselves with the most beautiful colors. Thanks to your designs, our plain fabrics become unique!


🧵 In this fourth episode of our project, I'll show you the printing of a pattern in the Microfactory to make a cover.

Once the pattern is created, the chosen fabric is gone!

Our fabric will be printed with pigment inks, highly resistant to light. Their use does not require washing after printing, thus preserving natural resources while offering a very good print quality.

Stay tuned for the 5th episode: Made in France. Now, it’s your turn!

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