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DORTMUND - Episode 3: OEKO-TEX Certificate

15 Mar 2024


Before being a beautiful Cotton Drill, our fabric was a simple fiber, cultivated and harvested. It was cleaned, combed, even woven, washed and prepared. In the manufacturing process, treatments are required to obtain a ready-made material.

🧵 In this third part of our project, we are talking to you today about the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 CERTIFICATE: But what is it? You may have already heard of it, or seen its logo somewhere…


This is a Label created in 1992. Its purpose: to check the absence of harmful chemicals, and thus guarantee the safety of textile products. Certain compounds are prohibited, including products listed in the European REACH regulation and in ECHA-SVHC.

Laboratory tests are performed on samples. If the results are good, a certificate is granted for one year, then audits are done regularly. At, all our inks are Oeko-tex Standard 100 certified! We also want to take care of health and the environment.

Stay tuned for the 4th episode: Microfactory. Now it’s your turn!

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