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The minimum printing per color is 2 m and the maximum is 200 m.
If you would like to print a larger quantity, please contact us at so we can provide further information and process your order. offers a large catalog of fabrics and knits in cotton, viscose, silk, linen and polyester, also with organic or recycled components for responsible fashion.
It is important to choose the right fabric for your project.
In the description of each fabric we give information on technical data and suggestion of its uses.
To appreciate the feel of a fabric, we recommend that you order a quality sample.
It is a small piece of printed fabric measuring approximately 6x6cm accompanied by its technical characteristics.
Production time depends on the material selected.
The shipping date is approximately 10 days after payment for synthetic fabrics like polyester and 2-3 weeks for natural fabrics like cotton, viscose, linen or silk.
Digital printing allows digital images to be printed directly onto fabric using industrial inkjet printers.
This method is more flexible and faster than traditional textile printing.
It is also a sustainable production method, as the use of ink and chemicals is lower.
Digital printing allows maximum creativity and gives vibrant colors.
We advise you to order a quality card for the fabrics that interest you. This is a printed sample with a technical data sheet.
Reactive printing can be used for natural fabrics such as cotton, viscose, silk or linen.
The image is printed with special textile inks on prepared fabric.
After printing, the colors are fixed and washed to achieve a soft finish.
Sublimation printing is a technology used primarily for synthetic polyester-based fabrics.
An image is printed with thermo-sensitive inks on special paper.
The image is then transferred from the paper onto one side of the fabric using heat and pressure.
PURE waterless printing can be used for many fabrics and knits.
Pigment inks are printed directly on the fabric. The fabric receives a finish by drying.
This technology does not use water for the specific preparation for printing or for finishing, and contributes to environmental protection.
Pigment printing is particularly recommended for decorative fabrics (better lightfastness)
Yes, the prices listed on the website include the printing service.
When you enter a quantity, the price corresponding to the meter of fabric is displayed. All prices in product descriptions are excluding tax. When you finalize your order, the net price, VAT amount and total payment amount are shown.
Is your delivery address in another EU country and you have a registered company with a European VAT ID? Send us proof and we will issue a net VAT invoice for delivery within the EU.
We accept payments by credit card and Paypal.
At Printcubator, we do everything we can to keep you informed of the status of your order.
You will be informed by email at every step or you can check it in your Printcubator account.
Here are the different stages of production:
Pending: the order has been sent and our team is validating the file.
Validated: The file has been validated, you can now proceed to payment so that we can start working on your order.
Payment accepted: Payment has been received correctly. We will therefore start working on your order as soon as possible.
Preparation in progress: your order has been sent to production. It's in progress!
Shipped: Your order is ready and shipped! In a few days, you will have your fabric in your hands.
Delivered: End of the process, your order is already at your home. Thanks for trusting us !
Others :
Reimbursement: credit refunded
Payment error: payment error
Authorization accepted from Paypal: Paypal has given its authorization for the payment,
Canceled: you have decided to cancel your order.
Allow one week from the time we received payment.

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