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DORTMUND - Episode 2 : Fabric

12 Mar 2024

🤔 Which fabric to use for a project?

🧵 In this second episode of 6 videos, we present you today the Dortmund quality, a 100% Cotton Drill ideal for making your accessories (bag type, luggage) and your decorative items (cushions, curtains).


Cotton is a soft, flexible and comfortable material par excellence! When Drill (Cotton Twill), it is a fabric resistant to straight fall. It is similar to jeans, with the difference that it is plain.

Printcubator is also a wide choice of cottons:

  • warp and weft (CARERRA,...)
  • fluid tissue (CHIASSO, VALS...)
  • other structured (ORELLO, LINTHAL...)
  • fine tissue (PESCARA REC, DIAMANTE...)
  • other dense (THOR, NEROLA...)

But also a whole range of qualities (from silk to polyester) that you can sort by use on the site!

Stay tuned for the 3rd episode: the Oeko-tex label. Now, it’s your turn!

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